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What gifts do Mexican mothers prefer to receive?

Mother's Day is a tradition shared by almost every nation in the world. It is a date that seeks to honor the mother figure and recognize her importance in our society.

In Mexico and throughout Latin America, Mother's Day is a family event where it is customary to plan celebrations and traditionally children give gifts to their mothers.

Due to this context, the celebration of Mother's Day has a strong economic impact. According to statistics obtained from our market research, 72.4% of the female population over the age of 15 in Mexico has at least one child born. In other words, at least 35.2 million Mexican women are mothers.

What gifts do Mexican mothers prefer to receive?

Considering the above, both brands and gift buyers can use some references we have discovered regarding the interests of Mexican mothers for the Mother's Day celebration.

  • 43% of those surveyed would like to receive flowers. Undoubtedly, a classic gift, capable of producing an immediate feeling of happiness.

  • 13% consider food as a good option. So, if you're looking for a simple but well-received gift, a delicious meal out would be ideal to enjoy on Mother's Day.

  • Clothing as a gift ranks third, with 13% interest from respondents. If you don't know about fashion or your mom's tastes, a gift card for her to choose the clothes she wants can be an excellent gift.

  • Resting is the desire of 7% of the study participants. Keep in mind that a mother's routine is exhausting; a break is always good.

  • A fun outing to escape from routine is the preference of 7% of mothers.

The least popular gifts are:

  • 1. Shoes (5%)

  • 2. Portfolios (4%)

  • 3. Ornaments (2%)

  • 4. Chocolats (2%)

  • 5. Electrodomestics (2%)

  • 6. Inscription to gym (2%)

  • 7. Furnitues (2%).

What gifts do Mexican mothers definitely do NOT want this 2022?

According to our survey, the list of unwanted gifts for Mexican mothers includes items such as:

  • 1. Electrodomésticos (30%),

  • 2. Bad news (13%)

  • 3. Stuffed animals (13%)

  • 4. Calls (11%)

Perhaps the most important thing in choosing the perfect Mother's Day gift is to really know the tastes of the person you hope to celebrate!

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